Making my website live

This week I attended both sessions on making my website live. During the sessions I took notes on how to use nativespace and cyber duck so decided to use these 2 options.

I began by using native space to purchase my domain name and webspace.
My full name was not available so I had the choices between jessrusselldesign and jess-russell. I was unsure whether to use a hyphen in a URL, however after researching it online found some interesting articles that both support and disagree with hyphens, however I do not think it is a bad thing for myself.

(articles:  )

I originally preffered jessrusselldesign however after reading a few agency blogs, discovered that they often find it unprofessional and unnecessary.

I decided to purchase jess-russell.

After this I moved on to using cyber duck as my FTP and synced all my files across. In the first instance, I had images missing and links not working. For this reason I had to revisit my static folder, do some tweeking and re-upload.

I still have a few problems with my site but am hoping to iron out my typographic problems in the coming weeks. As Mark said, this is only the beginning of our websites.

you can view my site here:

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 19.35.20.png

What I have learned from this process:
More information about servers, ftp and how domain names work.
How to develop websites and update them.


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